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CP and orchid seed from China

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Like to start a world wide thread to inform every one not to buy CP or orchid seed from china, as most if not all are are fake , and even Ebay knows it and still will not do any thing about it, as they dont want to miss out on the fees I'm guessing , have told Ebay and proven to them that seed I bought was fake and still ebay refuse to ban these crooks .


wounder why ?? obviously Ebay's mandate has changed !!


So please inform every one you know not to buy seed of any type from china ,as you all ready seen from threads here and on forums all are fake , its about time some one put a stop this this rip off situation sooner than later.


I think  most people  that are ruglar to  the forum will know  what seed is what  ,but still I see many  are buying  from  China and getting taken for a ride.


 This is  the  photos  I sent to ebay ,there responce was " you better ask for your money  back !" I though one of ebays madates was to portect  buys from  being  ripped off or  selling of fake  goods !! my be I have it all wrong ??


Actual Dracular orchid pods  ,my own pollinations these are



 some  ones forming



Now  the Drac Orchid seed sent from china






As you can see  not even close, and  actual orchid seed  is  mainly  like  the size of  dust particls .

 I though  showing  this to  Ebay  mite  be enought to  convice them  that  these sharks from china were  just ripping us all off, seems  not so .


I all so  challeneged  the  selles of  the seed directly  and of cause  they  siad  they would  look  into  it   bbahhhh !!


So  just tell all you  know  just not to buy any  Cp  or Orchid seed from  China at all .



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