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Just sown my first sarracenia seeds , Sarracenia Leucophylla White Pitcher . Being my first sowing hoping for some advice .There sown in Irish Moss peat and perlite they have 14 hrs of artificial led light and a temp of 23.2c the peat mix will be moist .They are sown on the surface of the peat mix . When do you think I will see signs of germination with these conditions. Or do you think they need to be in a propagator for more humidity not a novice to sowing seeds as we grow our own veg but a novice to CPs.

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Have they been stratified? they like to be cold and damp for a couple of months before they germinate normally.

Most growers do this over late winter so they germinate in spring but some do use artificial lighting and grow for 24 hours a day for the first year.

I never use a propagator,just put them in a sunny place in the greenhouse and let nature do the rest.


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Yes they have been stratified for about 2 months but could not wait for winter to sow them .one of the reasons for asking about germination is I bought some VFT seeds from a dodgy site on eBay (China) and they did not germinate just went to mush straight away .hopfully these seeds will be ok thanks ada

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