Heat and water-related problems

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The very hot UK weather has played havoc with my CPs.  I went on holiday for a week, and I thought the trays would be sufficiently topped up with water to last while I was away - previous years have been fine.  But I guess the hot weather this year meant that they got through the water quicker than usual. 


Result:  I got home and everything was pretty dry.  many Dionaea had started turning black, many Sarracenia had also wilted.  To make matters worse, I was also out of rain water.  All I could do was give them tap water - I thought that would be better than nothing.  I am in London so I am aware that the water is very hard (but I also remember growing CPs on my windowsill as a child and that's all I ever gave them, and they didn't do too badly).  Anyway, hopefully some rain in the next few days, plus buying some distilled water if I have to, will solve the watering issue.


My question is all these plants look pretty unhealthy now - what is the prognosis for them in the long term.  Assuming I can get them the right water, will they recover?  And will they recover this year, or is it a write-off for this summer but hopefully they will grow back well next year? 


Any thoughts much appreciated.   Thanks!

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It's hard to say without seeing any photos but I guess it largely depends on how healthy and mature your plants are.  If you're talking about young plants or seedlings it may be too late but if you're talking about mature healthy plants then with the proper watering regime form here on they should hopefully recover.  Our plants can be pretty tough and as you were only away for a week with a bit of luck they might not have suffered permanent damage.  I'd have thought they'd begin to pick up gradually but might not get back to normal until the next growing season.


Post some photos.


Good luck.

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If there ius still some green tissue in t6he centres then they will probably recver. But as mentio0ned maybe not fully this year

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Great news! Now you just need to keep an eye out for some rain clouds...  :lookeye: 

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