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Nepenthes Lowii

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I have 45 in saving, and I only want to spend 100. I'm just a kid. :-/

Here is the plan:

one of the drosera ($15)

a large N. Ventricosa ($19)

a leucophylla ($10)

D. Burbanks best ($15)
Wild cp plant donation ($1)
D. G-16 ($15)
N. Truncata ($29) 

What should I take out?

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go for the dichotoma giant, its a great plant to grow!

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If I were you I´d at first try to get some of these plants from a hobby-grower/private within the US,for they´re often much cheaper than professional nurseries. If there should still be some plants left you´ve not been able to buy from a hobbyist you can return to the nursery and spend the money left there.

So as far as I experienced i.e.N.ventricosa,different varieties of D.binata and even N.truncata are often offered at low prices - at least here in germany.

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