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Bical Care?

Nepenthes Lowii

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I disagree with the humidity comments. Mine is growing here in Texas and the during the summer, the humidity never gets above 60%, even at night. Just mist it once or twice a day and it will grow fine and pitcher like crazy in the high heat.


Just don't let the temps drop below 65F or it will grow slower than a sleepy snail moves. If the temps drop below 60F, it will actually get damage from the cold.

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Truncata is what I call an intermediate secies. Yes, it grows at sealevel, but also over 1,000 meters. Any nepenthes with this wide of an altitudinal distribution effectively is intermediate with regards to the temperatures it requires. Lowland species will generally do poorly in intermediate conditions--it gets too chilly for them now and then and the humidity may drop for too long--the intermediate species sometimes prefer the flux of conditions. Vietchii and clipeata are probably the least adaptible intermediate species.

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