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2 RARE C.P. BOOKS - what are they worth

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The old ones or the new (Magnus opus) ones?

The new ones are about 35 GBP dependng where you order.

The old ones...what somebody is willing to give for it. they are outdated and even if you don't accept all changes in the new ones many things do have changed and new species are added..so technically their value is about zero.

Sentimentally/collectability value is something else...that is up to how deep the persons pockets are in relation to wanting to have it as a collectable..nothing objective about it.

Keep in mind several sets became available when people bought the new ones and didn't want to keep the old ones....that sunk the rather inflated prices that were paid at some point when they where the only Aussie CP books available (besides Rica Erickson's Plants of prey).

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