Ian Salter and Dianne Riddiford open day

Ian Salter

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South Wales Open Day.

Ian Salter and Dianne Riddiford (AKA CarnivorIan).

Saturday the 11th of July.

10am  onwards.

Welcome to our 6th open day with over 5000 carnivorous Plants including many new hybrids that can only be seen here.  In our collection you will find many interesting Dionaea muscipula forms and cultivars, many many Sarracenia forms and hybrids including some special ones that were made right here. We also have a good stock of Darlingtonia and a nice selection of Drosera, a small collection of Utricularia, a reasonable collection of temperate Pinguicula and of course Dianne’s substantial Mexican Pinguicula collection housed in a specialised unit we simply call the pinghouse.

There will be much to see and hopefully many enthusiasts to discuss plants with and we will have many plants available to buy on the day.

All are welcome to enjoy our spacious garden situated in the hamlet Resolven backing onto a rugby and new cricket ground in a picturesque valley with waterfalls, lakes and striped pink unicorns (ok I made that bit up).

There is a hotel/BnB very nearby but will be subject to booking and other accommodation is available about 10 mins away.

Refreshments and food will be available on the day and please feel free to bring along any spare plants to sell or trade.

Please let us know if you interested in attending so we can have an idea of how much food to budget for.

For directions please contact us and we will make sure you know the way.

We look forward to seeing you all on the day.

Ian and Dianne.

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Oh, what a shame. I'd been meaning to attend the open day this year. Unfortunately, it's the day after the Derby beer festival which I've been going to for the past 30 years, so can't miss it.


Hope you have a great day!

30 Years sounds like you need a change of scenery, I will get you a bottle of Newcastle Brown.

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I was hoping to make my first return visit to South Wales this year, to visit some friends and pop in to see you Ian & Dianne. But unfortunately we've just got too much work to do at home and in the garden which is eating all our time and money. :sad:

Hopefully next year Ian. :wink:

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