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I've been using the same old bag of peat moss since starting the hobby. But last week it ran out just before I got in an order of Plants...

So based on advice seen on this forum I went out and got Shamrock branded peat, but I now think I've done something wrong, like get the wrong bag or something.


My plants arrived in the post this morning and were all potted up and stuck in a terrarium with high humidity (instead of using a bag) and they all got top watered. But out of curiosity I checked the TDS of the water that collected in the bottom of the terrarium and it had gone from 7ppm to 62ppm.

So I'm just wondering is this normal for peat to change the water parameters so much?

Could it be the sphagnum, sand or perlite doing this?

Have I bought the wrong peat, it says all natural on the bad(picture of bag below)?

If this is normal should I just keep watering until the parameters come back within 30ppm?


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It may need recalibration , I put it down to the water coming off a house slate roof and running through dirty gutters, when I used an RO filter it read really low ,don't think it came with recalibration liquid I shall look into that cheers

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My rain water comes in at around the same as corkys, collected from normal roof tiles and through dirty guttering too most likely!.

If I'm remembering correctly 130ppm is about as high as your water should read for regular use so anything under that should be fine. The water collected in the trays of growers plants often gives higher readings than the water being used.

I've just tested some rain water collected in a clean bucket, same result as from the guttering...

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That is bizarre, I collect water from the gutters of my greenhouse which are squeaky clean and that water always comes out from 7-11ppm.

But I recently tried water coming out of the houses gutters(off the slate roof and dirty gutters) and it came out at 130ppm.

That seems like a huge amount of variability!

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