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VFT identyfication


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A few years ago I participated in several group plant imports. One of them was from vftshop.com and the rest from other Czech and Spanish companies.


I bought then, inter alia, a plant that was marked "VIRUS".

I thought then that it is a cultivar "G14 Virus variegated".

However, in my opinion, it is not 100% identical.


Please help me identify this plant. I am sending some traps pictures:







I also have plants that comes from crossing Dentate traps and this "VIRUS" plant and their traps stain in this way:






Weating for your help :)

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simple answer is that it is a "unique flytrap" and nothing else. There are very few, if not none, that you can name on looks alone and doing so is a very bad idea. This is how incorrect plants get labeled as something and then get spread around. 


Even if i am 99% sure of a plant, I still call it a typical or a unique plant. You should only name a plant if you are 100% sure it is what you are going to name it (and the only way to be certain of it is to know what plant it divided from)

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