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I'm Rix.  I'm addicted to Nepenthes!  Due to my location, I'm limited to keeping lowland-intermediate species and hybrids (and the occasional confused highlanders).  I have about 50 kinds (species, hybrids, morphs) totalling about 300 plants (I told you I was addicted :laugh2: ).  This is a great site, and I hope to meet a lot of Nep lovers to exchange thoughts, ideas, and plants!  Be chatting with all of you soon....

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@Welshy, Nepenthes Lowii ... I'll be moving to a bigger property by the end of this month... my neps have literally taken over the current place.. and it now looks like a jungle (FEELS like a jungle... you can only move through the collection sideways :laugh2: ) Some vines (N. globosa x rafflesiana, N. mirabilis x gracilis) are hitting 3 meters already.  I'm planning to document the move on facebook, and will be taking photos of each plant during the process.  Will be posting updates about this soon.   

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