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Unlucky, its apparently persisting it down here all weekend, is yours off the greenhouse roof? I fitted one to the house downpipe at Christmas and couldn't believe how quickly it filled up , huge difference in surface area unless you have a huge commercial size greenhouse , if you can check the TDS as them units can bugger up

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I was just using one butt and down pipe from the garage roof . I had a feeling my collection was outgrowing the single butt so I installed another on a different down pipe around a month ago. Trouble is we've only had very light showers since... The potential to collect is there, just need the rain now!.

I have a Tds meter so I'll get unit going tomorrow and check it.

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That's happening to me as well blocky. The South east has been having far too much good weather (not saying I want the nice weather to stop, I just want it to rain in the night and fill up the empty butts!)

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That is an option if you've done some basic tests on it but still risky as could contain contaminants that your TDS metre won't account for....

Maybe you can scrounge some from a neighbours butt, so to speak, or try some cheap stores, pound land and alike for distilled water.

Failing that if there's a good tropical fish shop near you they should sell reverse osmosis water.

Just some ideas mate but not much will kill them quicker than drying out completely.

If I was in a deeply desperate position I'd even consider tap water, followed by some thorough flushing through with the good stuff as soon as possible.....

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