Is this an orchid?


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Whilst out on the hunt for CP's, I came across several of the plants below.
They looked familiar so I snapped a few pictures. Can anyone confirm that they are some sort of purple orchid??

I don't really 'do' flowers, but i'd be interested to know what they are. If they are indeed orchids I would like to go back and shoot some pictures of the flowers.



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A bit yeah, London, Newark and Bristol this week! 

It was inter esting how much further into flowering the Bristol plants are rellative to those I've found up here. Guess the season starts earlier down there. 

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Hi Jaicen,


Of those 2 photos in Bristol: the top one looks like Dactylorhiza fuchsii (Common Spotted Orchid), and the bottom one looks like D.praetermissa (Southern Marsh Orchid) [or possibly a hybrid involving that species - Dactys readily hybridise with each other].

As for the earlier photo of orchid leaves - if it was taken near the Sundews (i.e. growing in acidic soil), then, given the spotted leaves, it is most likely to be Dactylorhiza maculata (Heath Spotted Orchid).

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