Well I did it


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Well I took the plunge and moved on to Dionaea from my little Drosera and have got them to germinate. I'm looking forward to getting them from this to seed and grow some from my own crop.


Here is a little pic of how they are doing so far. First true leaf.



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On checking my seedlings this morning I found the grow light sitting right on top of the tub. I can only think one of my cats has knocked it in the night, the pot is warm to the touch and I fear my little ones have been cooked in their sleep. A few round the side of the pot escaped being squashed by the light but were still sitting in very warm moss (their poor little roots) but I have my fingers crossed they will make it (please tell me they will make it) I still have some seeds left that I didn't plant out so may have to start from scratch again.

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