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Wanting to make a bog garden but will the neighbours pets disturb it?


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Hello everyone,

I'm thinking of making a bog area in my garden but there is one problem...

The neighbours cats! As cats do they always come into MY garden and dig up plants and do there business in there. So I'm a bit worried about making a bog with these pests running loose.

Any suggestions about to keep them out?

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Unless you have sphagnum growing on the surface of the bog, birds aren't generally a problem and even then only during nesting time. They drag the moss out of bogs and pots which isn't a problem when it is round mature plants, which are well anchored, but many a seedling has vanished to that great birds nest in the sky.

Slugs I have never found a great problem, generally only early season on new growth, the most common and problematic pest you will get, as they disfigure new growth before you know you have got them, will probably be aphids.

But big enough bogs will produce so many plants you will rarely notice the odd poor disfigured pitcher, especially as you wont really be growing specimen plants outdoors.




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