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Backwater reptiles review and Complaint (this is not CP related but people NEED to see this)


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As the title says I wanted to make a post and this is not Carnivorous plant related but, people need to see this and here on the forums is the best place to get that accomplished (If this is against the rules, I am very sorry and will keep this post as professional as possible). Also, this is a copy and paste post that I have posted a few other places to help spread awareness.


I have taken the poor little girl to the vet and the vet themselves are filing animal abuse charges against this company. But, it is a long drawn out process and in the mean time, this is the best way I can think of to help out any other poor animals they may have and be mistreating.




Copy/Paste starts here..


I am not making this complaint to try and tick off the company or anything of the such. I am making this so others can see more bad reviews and avoid this company at all costs. Like others, I made a purchase from them due to their prices. Of course, I read the terrible reviews but I saw their 25k likes on facebook and BBB review and figured they can't be that bad.... Boy was I wrong!


I spent $189.99 to order a 7-9" South American Giant Marine Toad. I lived many years in Florida and I am extremely familiar with Cane/Marine Toads and their care and how they should look. I have owned hundreds of them (wild caught in my own back yard)... In other words, I know a fairly decent amount about them and there is no difference between the SA Marine Toads and a Cane Toad from Florida aside from their size.


What I received was a 5.5" extremely dehydrated and skinny toad. It took them nearly 5hrs to respond to me with a fairly general response and then the owner got on and stated he hand picked my frog himself and there was nothing wrong with it when it was sent.


I provided pictures with a tape measure and even asked "If you hand picked it, why did you knowingly send me a toad much smaller than the advertised size?"... I did not get a single response to that question. Instead they offered to return it and me get another toad or refunded. Or, I could keep the toad and only get a $50 refund because the toad was in the size smaller/less priced category.... I really cannot say anything bad because they did attempt to resolve the problem like they should have.... My problem was just that they kept insisting the animal was in perfect health and would be fine to be shipped back right away.


After attempting to haggle a different outcome, I eventually let my love for animals decide for me to keep it and take the $50 price difference. (I really couldn't bring myself to send this poor little girl back)



My complaints are that they knowingly shipped me an undersized unhealthy animal that should have been sold to no one due to its health. I will not be doing business with them again and others should REALLY attempt to not either. Their prices lure you in but you most certainly get what you pay for and these guys should be charged with crimes with how poor they keep their animals.


Here is the toad and how it arrived this morning 06-09-15.





(yes, I know about Long Fiber Sphagnum and impactions.. This was only temporary while I made some adjustments to her tank)









Here are a few of the only pics I could find of a Male Cane Toad that I used to own. (Notice the MAJOR difference in skin tautness and fat)











There is just no question that this toad was mistreated and not fed/housed properly before arriving in my care and I just couldn't let it go back. I lost out and was most certainly had for a lot of money... But, at least I can say that I did save a poor defenseless animal from bad care and hopefully this post will help others see the bad practices they have.

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