D. Rotundifolian - Different Forms?


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Since I decided to take on the challenge of photographing all the English and Welsh native CP species, I've been trawling for photos to try and work out places to find them. In doing so, I've noticed that there appears to be some variation in the form of D. Rotundifolia. Specifically, the length and attitude of the petioles.

It seems to me that the more northerly specimens tend toward the squat, short petiole form with rosettes that hug the ground.

Photos I've seen of more southerly forms show a more upright, longer petiole.


I wonder if this is a result of natural variability, or is it perhaps backcrossing with D. Intermedia??

Many of the sites contain only D. Rotundifolia, though they may once have supported both species, so hybridization may have occur in the past.


Does anyone have any thoughts?

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Examples of the photos would help... But yes, you can find hybrids.

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Don't rule out that it could just be a response to regional variation in the growing environment and not genetic. Need to cultivate side by side to know. Or indeed a coincidence of the normal seasonal variation.

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