My Disa Orchids

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To save starting another post, I have changed the original title.

Some more images of my Disa Orchids, you will see with the first image how this orchid changes its colour as it matures compared to my first image above.


Disa Kewensis Ann




Disa Watsonii Bramley




Disa Watsonii Candy




Disa Watsonii Sandra




Disa Red River



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These are the rest of my Disa collection, just need to order some more in the spring, after seeing the display at Tatton RHS.


D. Kewensis Alice is very similar to D.Kewensis Ann, it does grow taller than Ann but seems to have smaller flowers than Ann.




D Watsonii Don



D. Reheat. A very tall grower.



D. Aurata, such delicate small flowers only measuring 2.5cm across the petals





D.Tracy Parkinson



D. Uniflora Carmine is a late flowering Orchid and my last to flower, only opened at the weekend.


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