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Hi growers, I am selling Dionaea Dents de Requin, and, as I was asked for differences between that plant and Shark teeth, I went to CPPhotofinder to look carefully for differences between the two plants. Here, I discovered that "Dents de requin" is the french name for "Shark teeth".


I really don't understand why a plant should have TWO different names, if it is Shark Teeth, please keep that name, instead of frenchify or anglicize it.


I grow Dionaea "Diable rouge", and I call it "Diable rouge" and NOT "Diavolo rosso"...... (just an example, I'm not referring to Lucien with this post)

So many times I see wrong names in the Sales and Wants area (I remember "red holland" and "sawtooth rouge"), and I think this bad behaviour should be stopped otherwise errors will be perpetrated forever by costumers that will sell your plants in future.


It is any growers' pride to have a well organized and precise growlist, do your researches on ICPS website and CPPhotofinder (names here are almost 100% correct) before filling in your new acquisitions in your growlist.



I hope you understand this and you will try to warn and correct any wrong name you see.

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I've encountered the same problem on occassions with nepenthes hybrids, where some individuals seem to think it isn't important which way round the names are written, as long as they're on the tag. It's as if they don't care which is the female parent, which is actually very important obviously.

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It is right that 'Dents de requin' means 'Shark Teeth' in french, but are you really sure that it is really the same plants ? 'Dents de requin' is an old clone discovered by Jean-Jacques Labat and I don't know for Shark teeth. Many dionaea are or look the same and have different names, just because different person 'discovered' them ... They are many examples : sawtooth / dentata, alien / Jaw Smiley, cross teeth / degeneration ... There are so many examples ... And many 'clones' are just typical VFT ... The problem in my opinion is that too many people want to make money with dionaea and are ready to do anything for that, giving names to typical or same plants :-(

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