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Dia duit mo chairde ó Thuaisceart Éireann


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Bout Ye! Norn Ireland calling........


Hope I find you all well! Finally got to a point where I left the city behind and got me some space in t'countryside so can now actually start to enjoy this (a little more)..


Saw these carnivorous fellers on tele with Mr Attenborough a good few years back and was hooked. in them days though they were things that were special and odd, could never grow/keep then in the city..... Was at RHS Chelsea 2 years ago and saw (well, was really looking for) the Hants Stand and that was it. Got a card, placed an order and finally took that step from interest to hobby/obsession. Have nosed around the site as a guest for a few weeks and well, help and advice is always required/needed/welcome and there seems to be a fair number of skilled folks around here that don't seem to mind sharing knowledge etc...


so where am I at? Living in the Wilds of Norn Iron is not the best start to this little project in many ways. Its now June and this is the first day of 'sun' in 2015! May had snow and a good few freezes so looks like the little fellers woke in March then thought best of it and went back to kip! This is obviously my main factor in what plants I am attempting to cultivate and grow.


S. purpurea - hardy little feller can survive in Canada so should not even need  coat in Norn Iron.

S. leucophylla FL- Nice, tall, green and white

S. Flava - Looks and works a delight in the kitchen

S. Rosea


Darlingtonia californicaI think without doubt my favourite and most fascinating


Drosera Filliformis Filliformis

Drosera Rotundifolia


So where do they live? So far have used some tips and ideas from here and other sites and converted some of a raised bed into a bog. Dug it deep, removed the soil, lined it, filled it and left some of them to their own devices to see how they got on. So far so good. Had a good long winter (9months or so up here) and are now stating to show signs of wakening.

The more fragile chaps and chapesses are double potted, in doors with as much sun as Norn Iron can muster. Again all good so far. Nieces and Nephews love em so in a few years there should be a few more members here!


This week I finally found the time, will, motivation to go larger. Decided to remodel the garden and create a wild garden/area/space and center/showpiece it with a bog. So hopefully now once the set up has a chance to settle and the little ones can start to feel at home I will be rewarded with a nice display and health willing can then expand.


The interim Bog

Experimenting and wanting to create more monsters/gems has took me down a miniature, rough n ready approach.

Storage boxes, Liner, Mushroom Container, Yoghurt Pots, Quality Street Box, Few stones for the 'Bog'


The window ledge at work.

test tubes with Halfords Water for the nursery . . . . Let the fun commence




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thank you JMHoff it was a long winded way of saying hello. Been a busy week as by chance the sun has come out and I think that this might, *MIGHT*, be my 5 days of summer!


Mujinamo, Nepenthes Lowii California and Texas are long way off from here and I can bet that your coldest night, when you are wearing jumper/hat/scarf we are heading for the beach!


Linuxman sure, your just across the river


I'll post Bog Updates in the relevant forum as it comes along.

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