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Drosera suited to shady conditions?


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Hi Guys, does anyone have any recommendations for species or Drosera that will do well without full sunlight?

I have a north facing windowsill i'd like to populate with CP's to cheer up my work day. Ideally small species, so I can maximise the variety grown.

I hear that Glanduligera likes shady conditions, but is hard to grow. Are there any others?

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I would suggest the "Queensland Forest Sundews":


Drosera adelae ("Lance-Leaf Sundew") - this one is the easiest, and probably suitable for open-windowsill culture in the UK (given our humidity)

Drosera prolifera ("Hen & Chicks Sundew") - this is a nice one that creates new plants where the flower stems touch the substrate (like strawberries) - also quite easy, but likes more humidity than D.adelae.

Drosera schizandra ("Notched Sundew") - this also likes more humidity, and is usually the slowest growing of the 3 species.


Drosera prolifera and D.schizandra are probably best in an unheated (or heated) terrarium on the windowsill (e.g. a standard plant propagator), in order to maintain a higher humidity.


I think Drosera glanduligera (which is a short-lived annual anyway) is a difficult specialist species to grow (from what I have heard - I have no experience of growing it myself), for the greenhouse or specialist terrarium, so probably isn't suitable for a windowsill.


I would recommend you start with D.adelae, which should make a good houseplant for a North-facing windowsill. Other CPs that will grow quite well in the same situation are Mexican Butterworts (Pinguicula), and some of the terrestrial and epiphytic Bladderworts (Utricularia).

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Hi Adam, thanks for the advice. I'm looking for an Adelae now, which I have grown before. It's not my favourite, but i'll see how it goes with a view to picking up a Prolifera if it's all good.

I'm also going to grab a few Mexican pings, I grabbed an Esseriana last night, and I might pick up the lonely looking 'Butterwort' I saw in a local plant shop yesterday, which i'm guessing is x Tina.


I'm trying to avoid having a Terrarium if possible.

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