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Welshy's Nepenthes

North West Neps

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Back in July i posted the photo on the left, which i was led to believe at the time was maxima x vogelii. Some people suggested that it was straight vogelii and not a hybrid. The plant did have slight differences to my seed grown vogelii, but i think in the end the doubters were right. The photo on the right is the first pitcher in my care of what i hope is a true maxima x vogelii which i obtained last month.


gallery_8151_931_225155.jpg  gallery_8151_931_94610.jpg

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These might be my last photos of 2015, as things have slowed right down due to lack of daylight hours and pitchers are struggling to colour up. This batch is the best i can manage from recent pitchers over the past few weeks, everything else is just looking drab.


gallery_8151_931_86173.jpg  gallery_8151_931_94212.jpg


gallery_8151_931_66180.jpg  gallery_8151_931_184310.jpg


gallery_8151_931_242354.jpg  gallery_8151_931_72972.jpg


Even the sphagnum is starting to look awful.

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You may recall back in August (post #85) i told you about my spathulata x dubia which never put out any lower pitchers for me (despite me acquring the plant as a small 8cm rosetted example), until it inflated an intermediate pitcher after 2 years in my care when the plant had vined to about 2ft high.




A few weeks ago i noticed the plant had popped a basal, so i may get to see what the lower pitchers look like after all !




And now yesterday, i spotted inflorescence beginning to form on the main vine. This is my very first nepenthes flower, and to say i'm a bit excited is an understatement ! :biggrin:




It's too early to tell yet whether it's male or female, but thoughts of hybridisation have naturally entered my head already . I think it'd be nice to try and get a bit of peristome striping into the mix.

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Excellent, Welshy! I got my first flowers last year a male Rebecca Soper and a x ventrata female both at the same time, I've since planted the seeds a month ago but no germination yet. Maybe I'll be lucky enough for my Bill Bailey to flower this year alongside my male if that flowers again this year, fingers crossed


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I'm getting excited because it's the time of year when CPUK members start uploading their Nepenthes photos, and there's been some great thread updates already ! :good2:

So i thought i'd nip out with my camera and see if there were any decent shots of my plants to be had....... and there turned out to be a few more than i expected.

So here are some of my first pitchers of 2016....


gallery_8151_931_28769.png  gallery_8151_931_249585.png


gallery_8151_931_43914.png  gallery_8151_931_221107.png


gallery_8151_931_460246.png  gallery_8151_931_129900.png


gallery_8151_931_230927.png  gallery_8151_931_424707.png


gallery_8151_931_399982.png  gallery_8151_931_550052.png


gallery_8151_931_370269.png  gallery_8151_931_603508.png


gallery_8151_931_136117.png  gallery_8151_931_491379.png


gallery_8151_931_597732.png  gallery_8151_931_262600.png


gallery_8151_931_172753.png  gallery_8151_931_545139.png


And last but by no means least, we have sibuyanensis x burkei. 

I'm really proud of this little fella as it is the result of my first ever nepenthes seed sowing. The seeds were obtained from Cedric Carnivores and sown 01/02/14. First germination was noticed on 15/03/14, roughly 6 weeks later.

I gave away a few of these seedlings to some CPUK members last year, so it would be great to see how yours are getting on if you want to post photos in this thread :biggrin:



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  • 2 weeks later...

I was in the greenhouse this morning doing some repotting when it occurred to me that some of my plants are actually starting to get some decent size pitchers on them at last. I guess you don't actually notice them growing in size when you're looking at them several times a day  :blush:

So i've taken some photos of me holding a couple of my biggest pitchers to give a better idea of size...


gallery_8151_931_338145.png  gallery_8151_931_191014.png


gallery_8151_931_461339.png  gallery_8151_931_527315.png


gallery_8151_931_464914.png  gallery_8151_931_453872.png


gallery_8151_931_379122.png  gallery_8151_931_179843.png


gallery_8151_931_472020.png  gallery_8151_931_98878.png


gallery_8151_931_635376.png  gallery_8151_931_297446.png


gallery_8151_931_615197.png  gallery_8151_931_639904.png


Thanks for looking !



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Those are some gorgeous plants and great photos - that N. species #1 from BE is especially fascinating. The naturalistic set up looks great. Out of curiosity, where did you source your Edwardsiana X Burbidgeae? It must be my favourite hybrid.

Many thanks,


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Nice one Tony, I used to grow talangensis , I had a few pitchers in about 4 years , literally 3 I think. I hope you have better luck with your plant , mine flowered (male) and was such a bad grower I got annoyed and threw it . Shame its definitely one I really like

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Great job on the talangensis, I have had many plants of talangensis and after a long time, I think I have worked it out too. They need lots and lots and even more light and extremely high humidity. This has finally worked for me. I think it also depends on the plant you get, they are very hard to kill but if the temperature changes by a lot, they wont pitcher. Also good to see the singalana x spectabilis, they are brilliant plants when you get them going but can be fussy.  

keep up the good work 


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