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U. quelchii - two clones


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Both U. quelchii clones are currently flowering together for the 1st time. Once I got pics of each & started to look at them, I was surprised at how different they are - both in color & structure. I had not noticed this before. Since differences in lighting / white balance can easily change the perception of color, I also spent time attempting to get one pic with flowers from both clones in it so there was little doubt as to the differences. Since the flowers faced away from the front of the tank (naturally), this was almost impossible...

Structurally, the Ilu tepui clone reminds me of of U. campbelliana, for color (for which I am an extremely poor judge), the no-location clone appears closer to U. campbelliana...

BCP clone - no location

Ilu tepui

Both (this is a different stalk of the no-location clone from the one pictured above)

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Well... How it could not be similar to U. campbelliana if it grows in same region, have similar flower colour, is from the same group of plants and have the same ancestor? :wink:


But the colour is still amazing. :D

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Congratulations, and thank you for sharing these pictures with us, it's always good to see the two plants on the same picture, as it makes the comparison very obvious.


Out of curiosity, do you grow plants from Auyan and Amuri ? Plants on Amuri are supposed to be quite specific, as far as I can remember from pictures and comments of Martin Hingst.

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Most of the flowers fell off today (from pollination), although some were in better condition than the others. I gathered up the two U. quelchii forms & added a U. humboldtii. Then I took a pic with my other camera.



Out of curiosity, do you grow plants from Auyan and Amuri ?

No, these two clones are the only U. quelchii that I currently grow.


Looks really awesome!!! Is it the first time that U. quelchii Ilu flowers for you?

No, it has flowered before.

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