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S. flava var. rugelii, Telogia, FL


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Hi guys !


Five or six years ago, I bought this plant from Nigel Hewitt-Cooper. I haven't realized until now that it is kind of odd for a flava. It has typical flava pitchers but it is incredibly small ! I think it is safe to say that the plant is now mature and yet the largest pitchers I got from this plant this year are not taller than 30 cm. Aside from the pitchers, that are undeniably flava pitchers, when I look at the clump, I could almost imagine some kind of resemblance with a clump of rubra or wherryi.


So, here are my questions. Does any one of you have this plant ? If you do, does it do the same thing at your place ?

For those who might have done some in-situ expeditions near Telogia, have you observed this ?


Let me know. :Laie_97:

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