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Genlisea oxycentron - a new species for my country


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Dear friends,


I'm living since nearly 10 years now in French Guyana, a little country situated on the Atlantic coast, next to the border of Brazil, in the Amazonas area.
Here we can find many Utricularia - 25 species have been discovered until today - , two Drosera, Catopsis berteroniana, and some Genlisea.


It was always tought that our country is home of Genlisea pygmaea.

I never found this plant during all the years down here. Wich not mean that the plant doesn't exist here.

I found a plant named Genlisea filiformis 2012. The "discovery" of this plant by myself confirmed it's presence in this country : it's presence here was suspected until the plant was found : strangely,  the plant was listed as being present in Fr.Guyana in official botanical listings, but without any proven localisation data, nore samples.


Here is my homepage with some pictures of Genlisea filiformis :



This year I received a mail, from a person who found another species of Genlisea. This person is not a specialist of carnivorous plants, but is interested in these plants, and in plants in general.

Well....after a message on the german forum asking for ID confirmation, it was confirmed that we have a new species in our country, wich name is Genlisea oxycentron.


Here here are the first pictures from this new plant, on the discoverer's homepage :


(please notice : the link still includes the name "Genlisea pygmaea")


Well....I'm still looking for Genlisea pygmaea, and hope I'll find it one day.


A botanist who's working for the local herbarium (CAY) told me that there are 2 species of Genlisea in Fr.Guyana.

That was before G.oxycentron was definitively identified.

It's pretty interesting to notice that Genlisea pygmaea's presence is impregnated so deep in the minds,

or are there 3 species of Genlisea in this country ? 


Well, do you know what ?

There is a third species of Genlisea wich presence is suspected here, it's Genlisea pulchella !

Lets try to find it, and then my friends, I promiss, I'll find Genlisea pygmaea.


Oh, btw....G.pygmaea is strictly protected from destruction in my country, and is listed on the list of plants of patrimonial interest...


This is becoming the Sisyphus mythos IRL ;-) 

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