the Slough bog

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whoops didn't mean to post already. Anyway has you can see it's just your bog standard  garden pond filled with 6" of gravel, 12" of 50/50 peat and sand then 6" of peat.I dug the pond in the ground and packed around the sides with sand with log round to hold it all in.



17367635842_bb735a81bd_k.jpgIMG_0120 by keith Smith, on Flickr


17183378259_6afad50a3a_k.jpgIMG_0144 by keith Smith, on Flickr

17182038110_6d764acfd8_k.jpgCAM00025 by keith Smith, on Flickr


I have quite a few photo's and don't want to bombard you all with them and it's hard to choose the best one's so i can post a link to my facebook album if that's better


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Very nice idea with the wood covering the sides, what kind of "gravel" are you using? (saw it in a flickr pic)

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How’s it looking now?

I’m just down the rd in Surrey, I’m about to construct an old galvanised tin bath into a bog garden....

I’ve got a few Sarracenias, but what else do you have in there. 

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