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Weird white hairs on seed

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So these little hairs have been on the seed for like the past couple weeks. I tested how quick two seeds would germinate if soaked with Muriatic Acid (diluted with water ofc). One scarified, the other left alone, I also surrounded both seeds in a plastic bag to help keep the moisture locked in. After a week or two, the scarified seed produced these hairs and never really sprouted, it just stayed like this (be aware I planted these around a month ago). I trashed the seed today but I wanted some feedback on this from any experienced Droso growers.


I'm currently trying to see if the other seed will sprout with out the plastic bag as it seemed to promote algae growth for some reason.

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After reading up on the " 6 best uses for Muriatic acid" I have to ask.........

Why ?

Same reason some people use Sulfuric acid. Like I said I'm just testing some methods out.

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