What are these red marks?


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Does anyone know what these red dots/lines are on my pitcher plants below the rotting pitchers. It shouldn't relate to anything outdoors as i have only just planted outside as before it was on an east facing window (inside) hence the rotting traps which is down to too much sun???


But if you look closely you will see the red dots/rotting at the top of the pitcher plants what is it does anyone know? And anything i can do about it?





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Hi, red dots are nothing to worry about. Your pitchers are dying back because its last seasons growth, not because of sun. It looks like a new leaf is already emerging from the base.


I have generally seen red marking on plants that I have kept outside over winter and attributed it to cold more than anything. Not sure if its any cellular damage to the plant or just another pigment showing but it doesn't cause any real harm apart from the fact that plants exhibiting this are much slower to grow than plants grown under cover.

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