What are these red marks?


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Does anyone know what this is on my pitcher plant? It shouldn't have anything to do with outdoors as i have only just planted outside as it had been inside my living room for a while.

Notice the pitchers dying off at the top, my thought was that there was too much sun on it in the house (east window). 

It is now south facing outside but still gets plenty of sun. 

It is very tall pitcher and all my other plants are flourishing so does anyone know what this is? and what i could do about it?

Many thanks




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They look like last years pitchers. They're 'indigestion' areas. It happens when the amount of insects gets above the level of the liquid. Unavoidable and totally natural.

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To me they look more like insect damage on the outside more than on the inside. They would have been there long before you re-potted the plants.

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