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Genlisea identification


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I've been growing this Genlisea as G. glandulosissima since 2012. Then recently the plant made flowers but the colour is different! The shape is also wrong but it probably failed to form proper flowers. If anyone knows what it looks like or exactly what it is, please let me know. Thanks.



16717953724_24fdc7aa03_z.jpgGenlisea glandulosissima 4 by ihatov1001, on Flickr



17314449916_e877102ac9_z.jpgGenlisea glandulosissima 3 by ihatov1001, on Flickr



17154192099_f411891668_z.jpgGenlisea glandulosissima 5 by ihatov1001, on Flickr



16720181343_f1882f6749_z.jpgGenlisea glandulosissima 2 by ihatov1001, on Flickr



17152649578_bcfa4cb47f_z.jpgGenlisea glandulosissima 1 by ihatov1001, on Flickr

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It is G. glandulosissima, but the flower is deformed. If it will flower again properly, we will see if it is a true albino or not.

Thanks for your identification. Let's hope this is a white flowered variant of G. glandulosissima!

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