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Snowdonia's Sphagnum

Daniel G

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So yeah, hi guys, it's been a while! I've still got all my plants and the like, just been really busy with college and general life, so not been on the forums in quite a while, but I'll have a good look around while I'm here  :Laie_97:


Anyway, to the point. I recently went on holiday to snowdonia, and in the first few days of wild camping my good friend had the opportunity to see me nerd out to insane levels when I noticed a stream running down a mountain which was "COMPLETELY SURROUNDED BY SPHAGNUM". I told him all about how it's such a good substrate for carnivorous plants, and spent a good half an hour making my way up the mountain staring at the floor to no avail. Not a plant in sight.


There was even more at the top of this mountain, and my feet got soaked, leading to me slightly hating the damned stuff...


A few days later we climbed Yr Wyddfa, and yet more sphagnum, but none of the precious plants. I have to say I was quite disappointed, as I've never had a chance to see any in the wild. Even if it was just a hibernacula I'd have been happy.


So, has anyone else noticed this? Any ideas why there's such a lack of carnivores?




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Ive seen plenty of drosera in snowdonia. probably a bit early in the year for it it be noticeable. It was also growing amoungst grass in a semi boggy area, not in sphagnum near a stream

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@Ada Yeah, didn't think you'd take any excuses :P


I guess I'll just have to go back to snowdon a bit later in the year and see what I can find

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