Drosera cistiflora

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Dear all,


here are flower pictures of two of my D. cistiflora forms.


Clone number one seems to be in collections for quite a while. It comes with the description "salmon pink flower" and can get quite large. My largest plant measures 42-45 cm this season.

The plant itself remains relatively green even if exposed to full sunshine - conditions at which my other D. cistiflora get much redder.

There are a few small D. stricticaulis growing in the same pot...
This is a flower at the end of its life cycle.
 Another shot of the same flower.


The next day the flower above remained closed, but a new one opened for business:
The second form is a little smaller, more reddish as mentioned above, and the flower has a little more intense pink colour. This is a seed grown plant flowering for the second year in a row:
Unfortunately, I missed the flowers of several other D. cistiflora forms like a white flowered form.



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