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SB plant invigorater

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I see that there a few different posts on insect infestations etc and the best treatment.


Well ,after noticing the possible start of whitefly on my VFT i was searching the web and came across a product called ,SB plant invigorater and bug killer, it turns out it is totally insecticide free,safe to pets and children and also  

feeds your plant at the same time ,and also i found out later on that evening it comes recommended by Hampshire C.Ps and is used by them.


So it goes without saying i now have some in the greenhouse reading and waiting  :sarcastic_hand:

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I use this stuff for spraying in the Sheffield Winter Gardens. It smells great and my skin always feels so smooth after the sprayer leaks on me!

You'll need to properly coat any insects though, it's definitely not strong stuff at all

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I've used it at home and at work found it to be totally useless.it gave orchids and nepenthes nice green leaves did the same to dahlias and chrysanthemums at work and also seemed to make nice healthy aphids and red spider mites

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Update on SB plant invigorater .


At the beginning of the week i noticed that a couple of my VFT,s and the flower stems of a couple of my Drosera had aphids ,i gave them a spray of SB and the same the next evening to get any stragglers and i am pleased to report that the aphids were destroyed and my plants suffered no ill effects,so all in all a result :)

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