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Aquatic Genlisea?


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A few species can be constantly grown in water, but it will be rather shallow layer of water. If I remember correctly G. angolensis could also grow deeper in water similar to G. guianensis, but you won't be able to get any of those.


Those which can grow in just under the water surface are:

G. aurea

G. repens

G. margaretae

G. glandulosissima


(I would have to check if any other species.)

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Do they just simply live in a tank or shallow tray of rainwater, with the top of the pots sitting below the water surface?

You are asking about the species I listed  or all Genlisea? Because only G. aurea should be grown with water near the soil, level, on it, or slightly above. This species very much like to have wet conditions. If it goes for G. margaretae and G. glandulosissima, in the nature they grow in shallow water, just under the water surface, rarely deeper or above it. In cultivation, they don't need such conditions to grow properly.


G. repens also does not need to grow under water, it can, in wild it sometimes grow like that, but it does not need it at all to grow properly.


I forgot to mention G. sanariapoana, which also grows always under water, under thin film of water mostly. It is not in cultivation though, which is a pity, since it has very nice flowers.

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