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Collecting pollen


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So I have finally had a flower stalk from my H. heterodoxa and got ready to collect the pollen when the second flower started to open. 

I did a bit of research on the net and ended up trying the 'brute force' method since I did not have a tuning fork at my disposal! 


I got out my equipment and managed to collect a fair amount of pollen from the first flower. I am quite pleased that I managed to get some and will attempt to pollinate the second flower once it opens. 

It however occurred to me, that should anyone walk in on me, I might get a few strange looks  :wink:



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I'm sorry but I dont get your method.

I have stored fresh anthers in fridge for 2 weeks (while waiting my flowers to open) and now I can't get pollen from them.I've tried varius metals in order to make buzz since I dont have a tuning fork but. Nothing. Did I store too long or maybe I should have collected pollen earlier? Please help me...

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You can get hold of tuning forks pretty easily on Flea-bay. I bought a "set" for £11 only. It contained 5 or 6 different frequencies.

I started using the 250Hz fork but this didnt seem to work very well at all so I then switched to the 510Hz fork and the pollen flew out in huge quantities!!

I have put the spare pollen in small open tubes, standing in a bed of dessicant beads, and then in a sealed tub, in the fridge. Stored like this the pollen remains viable for up to 12 months.

Good luck all.


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