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I'm pretty sure I have aphids on my Pinguicula (I was given it as a gift and not sure of what type) I have segregated it from the rest of my carnivorous plants but I'm not sure how to treat them, anyone got know anything more about controlling aphids? 



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Never tried myself but this quote from ICPs (courtesy of John Brittnacher) advises against direct contact with pesticides...."Do NOT ever use any kind of fungicide or pesticide on Pinguicula. This includes all Pinguicula species. I don't know why but fungicides especially are death even in the soil. Insecticides on the soil around mature plants appear to be OK."


It depends how precious the plant is to you as it was a gift, perhaps you could take some leaf pullings off it first before experimenting with your preferred insecticide.  Alternatively you could hope for a helping hand from natural predators such as ladybirds, lacewings etc.


Good luck.

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