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New to carnivorous plants

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Hello I'm new to the forum my name is daniel better known as danny. Iv kept some vft before in the past and have just purchased 4 different plants of ebay. They are

1) Dionaea muscipula - Venus flytrap

2) Drosera capensis - Cape sundew plant

3) Sarracenia purpurea - North American purple pitcher plant

These three plants were bought part of a collection and are all in 6cm pots (pics below)

The 4th plant is a - NEPENTHES VENTRICOSA x TALANGENSIS (Highland tropical pitcher) and is planted in a 9cm pot. They didn't really come with care sheets and didn't get much info on them.

( i have just now found out my other plant came which is a Drosera capillaris x intermedia. It come bare rooted and have just potted it into a 2" pot and added into my propagator on my kitchen windowsill

I have done some research but found a lot of different information, i have a few questions for the experts?

1. Would i be able to plant all of these plants in one long pot that hangs of my balcony as i live in a flat on a south facing wall?

2. I have them all in a propagator on my south facing window is this ok?

3. I have some t5 lights blue spectrum bulbs and purple, could i put these plants under the t5 now until summer? If so how long for?

4. If there any specific demands of either of these plants?

5. I bought some irish moss peat from the same supplier as the plants, i was advised not to pot on until summer is this correct?

I will leave it there for now, i do have a lot of questions as i am fascinated with carnivorous plants and am always wanting to learn about the different species.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Guest Olivermurray7373

Don't put the nepenthes in the same container as the rest. I personally know absolutely nothing about sarincenia so I can't help you there. But as far as nepenthes go, there are lots of great websites with good care sheets.

Flytrapcare.com have a good new one. Also south in my opinion is a bit of a risk in the summer. For nepenthes as long as they are not cold, they are kept humid and not to wet they will be fine.

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Hi Danny,

As Oliver said, it's not advised to plant them all together. You can plant the Sarracenia together in a pot certainly and they will grow outside if you wish. VFTs have never grown well for me outside, only when in a greenhouse. The Sarracenia don't need to be in a propagator, they will likely be more prone to rot. You won't need t4 lights on any of the plants if they are in a sunny south facing window. Purchasing a CP care book would be a great investment.

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Thanks for the advice,i have taken the nepanthes and pitcher plant out of the prop now.

Would i be ok to plant the pitcher plant outside now or should i wait till summer? I will get some images uploaded but im not sure how to??

Thanks for the welcome and help

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