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I have what is most likely to be a Ventrata (sold as an Alata at a GC) which I have had for around 2 years, but it is starting to get a bit leggy, and is propped up against the wall so the plant doesn't fall over.


Can you pinch out the tips of Neps, to encourage it to bush out a bit more instead of it continuing to grow upwards, like you can with other plants?


Also, if that is possible, then is this a good Nep to go in a hanging basket?


Hoping for a better year than last year for Neps. Had a breakout of scale insects, which resulted in the rajah and mira dying, and this Ventrata still grew (not as fast) and didn't produce any pitchers.

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Trimming a Nepenthes that has produced quite a lot of vine will encourage basal offshoots. If it already has multiple growth points, I'd recommend leaving at least one on the vine when you trim it.  I had a Nepenthes maxima that reached my ceiling multiple times, and I nearly had to break out a machete to keep that thing back.

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Ventrata, as with most nepenthes, would look great in a hanging basket as it allows the tendrils and pitchers to cascade naturally. For best effect in a basket, you really want at least two growing tips, maybe three ideally, so the plant looks bushier. A single gangly vine on the other hand can look naff in a hanging basket.

Cutting off the growing tip can help nepenthes branch or put out new basals readily, with easy growing species like ventrata. And don't throw away your cuttings, why not try rooting them on yourself ? There's a great guide here >

Perhaps if you upload a photo of your plant, you'll get more specific advice of what to do and where to make cuts if needed.

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