lost all my plants

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hi ,  ive had to keep all my plants in a double glazed greenhouse     inside a insulated glass framework structure ive built , BUT  no  heater !!


6 nepentes all gone    black and brown   no growing tip 


im going to replace then asap    i bought them from a link on this site  but  i cannot find it   can anyone forward a good supplier of neps       it wont happen again ,currently installing heating system 


thanks for any replies 

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Hopefully some of the nep growers will respond to what works for them as there are some pretty good growers in this country. 

Greg Allan from your neck of the woods is a good example. Nice to see you picking up the hobby again and not just throwing in the towel we have all had our loses.


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thanks for replies    it was hampshire nursey  was the place   thanks         i had so much going on last year    its one of them things     you live and learn     building new conservatory  (heated)  now     this will be their new home   lol   

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