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Mike King's open day, 27th of June 2015

Mike King

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Another person I obviously missed - must walk round with my eyes shut lol

I think I saw you, if you were the one wearing the "ady" T-shirt ;) I was talking to ada at the time.


worked for me Martin,great photo's

Thankss ada.


Awesome photos apart from the first one which is bloody awful!! Lol

Ah, I wondered if that was you. That talk about bikes and greenhouses with Mike gave me the hint.


Awesome photos, you must be the person I saw walking around with a big camera LOL

Thanks for sending


Oh., no. I think that was some one with a more trans-atlantic accent. I only have a small compact camera.


Great photos Martin. I missed you. I'm in a couple of the photos in the distance.  There was so much to look at and so many people to talk to.

Glad you made it Richard, but I didn't see you. I'll have a look at the photos and figure out which one you are ;)

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Yes I must admit I really enjoyed Mike's open day - the first one in several years for me!

Many thanks to Mike and Helen for the excellent hospitality, as always.

It was also nice to meet up with friends - nice to see you Ian & Dianne, hopefully I'll make it to your open day on 11th July.


It was also nice to speak to other growers I hadn't met before, including Jeremiah Harris, Richard Bunn & Tim Bailey, amongst others. Although it's difficult to map people to names on this forum sometimes - I think we need name badges, LOL!


Anyway - a very enjoyable day - thank you! :smile:

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