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Mike King's open day, 27th of June 2015

Mike King

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Hi everyone,

With just over 3 months to go, I would like to invite you to my open day.

This year, I have conducted a massive 300 plant peat-free trial after the success of some plants trialed last year. Further more, I have further refined the collection and separated the lower growing hybrids away from the taller ones. The date is a few weeks later so you can the plants in peak colour.

As normal, there will be plants for sales, refreshments and you are welcome to bring plants for sale and swap.If some of you are arriving on the Friday like some are, we can go and visit some other collections, like Chester zoo which has a national collection of Nepenthes just over 1 hour from here.

Please let me know if you intend to come and we can gauge how much refreshments to get in.

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i don't want to rain on anyones parade so to speak but i read above that carnivine is planning to go.

would he be wise to go? as possible transmitter of any spores of the pathogen?

does mike want this in his collection?


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Hi Ada, it won't be a problem if no plants are brought in, but hand washing should be enough!

The plants are almost fully up and larger this time due to the sunny April.

You can see a preview on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbcq9ko1t9KAhNgJVVbUrPA

Just under 4 weeks to go and the plants will be at full colour!

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Hi Mike,


I'm hoping to visit for your open day on 27th - it would be the first time in several years! But I'm not 100% certain yet if I can make it. Just thought I'd let you know (to help give an idea for numbers etc).


All the best...



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