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What are you listening to right now?

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I'm not an anime fan, so I have not watched this movie, but I know this song. I have sometimes listened to this song since first hearing the original in 1968.

I'm not sure if it was a coincidence or an intentional selection. The younger brother of the lyricist (Hachiro Sato) died in the same prefecture in 1945.


Here are the trailers with this song.

for the U.K. members


for the German members

for the French members


If you are an anime fan, it might worth watching.

According to the reviews and the director's statement,

1) This is not a war movie, but Suzu's day by day life (story?).

2) It is not nearly as depressing as "Grave of the Fireflies". Someone wrote "So Grave of the Fireflies vol.2? My feels aren't ready."


I know very well the two movies that I referred to often cause endless barren argument. If you want to, please go away and start making an argument at an appropriate place, because the tittle of this thread is "What are you listening to right now?"

Personally, living in the Far East and considering the recent situation, I plead for resolution of "nobody of both sides chooses the worst option (Oppenheimer's deadly toy)".


One more song,

Again I'm not an anime fan, so I never watched, and will never watch the anime he is showing. But I think his translation is the best one. I guess it could be achieved by his background.

This is a most ironic military song.

Someone wrote: “Such a cheerfull song untill you translate the bloody lyrics, j........”

At another site: “The happiest song about dieing in the snow i've ever heard?”

In fact, this song was modified as the original was sissie, and then both were banned during WW2. At the very end of the lyrics in the modified version, the subject was replaced the military with the soldier (lyricist) himself.

In my opinion, this song (at least the lyrics) is an antiwar song.

The guy in this video is singing the original. I know some Westerners (including anime fans with innocent feelings) like this song. I wonder if they really understand the meaning of this song. I suspect they are singing the modified version in the anime he is showing.

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