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My heliamphoras (Pictures heavy)


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Here a couple pictures i snaped 15 minutes ago. It was hard; the plant is very deep in my terrarium.

This is a h.parva from wistuba, bought 2-3 years ago. Lot of divisions has been made, its a very fast grower in my setup.

Im not 100% satisfied with the color n nectar spoon. I will have to add more blue spectrum, i will see later :)



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I dont know. I found and bought this plant from a private grower last month. He trade that plant years ago and no more info is available.

I will see how the new pitchers will turn!

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Heliamphora 'red mambo'

(the first pitcher under my care)

Look quite elegant :)


And my dream come true: my h.minor var pilosa clone A push me a flower.


Of course i will make pure pilosa seeds(x self) but i think i will pollinate the first flower with some pulchella or parva pollen. I think the cross can be interesting.

As always, thanks for looking. !


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