Advice on seedling Please

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I sowed the below Dionaea seeds in October 2014 and have had them under two 24inch T5 lights in a spare room with the lights on for 12 hours a day,the tray is standing in about 1cm of water.

I have noticed that some of the Traps are dying back, and not sure why.

Are they to wet, or would it be better to transplant them into individual small 5cm pots, or would they be ok if I took them from under the lights and put them on a south facing window sill.

Any advice appreciated, I don't want to loose them now.

Hope you can see the dying traps in the pic.


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Traps die after they have been triggered a few times, so even during full growth you will have traps die off.  You seem to have plenty of new growth on the plants so I would not worry if they were mine.


I would leave them under light until the summer and then harden them off to sun light and natural conditions then.  They will go dormant naturally then at the end of the year.  It may just offer more problems moving them from under lights before its time for them to naturally be in full growth.

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Cheers cookie0117


I transplanted them all into 8cm pots with new compost  and four to a pot this morning, and have them back under the lights.


Wait and see what happens now, think they have been to wet.



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