Auction 427 - Sarracenia Hybrid Seed

Andy Collins

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This auction is for The Meadowview Conservation Fund


Auction 427 - Sarracenia Hybrid Seed - donated by olive84


3 packets of seed for the winner of the auction.


H199 Leucophylla Red & White very stocky Autumn Pitcher Plant originally brought in by Dave Taylor, late 70s (Mking L64) (LE 44 RVL) X S. x Moorei 'Orange Glow' 60 + Seed

H150 S. x Evendine X Leucophylla "Blanc craie" Santa Rosa 30 + Seed

H166 Oreophila "Sand Mountain" X Flava Ornata -- super Ornata (CK) (SFO02 CA) 50 + Seed



Postage UK £1.75 & EU £2.50


Please post your bids here..



Auction will end  16th Febuary 2015 @ GMT 20:00 hours. The last post with the highest bid with the time showing GMT 20:00 hours will be the winner.

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