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My G. hispidula


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My G. hispidula after exchanging the substrate:


Photo 1 - Bottom of the antique vase. Notice the multiple pitfalls of this CP.




Photo 2 - I may be wrong, but I believe that there are prey that were imprisoned in the traps of this CP.




Photo 3 - The eight seedlings that removed the old pot. Note the amount of roots-traps, or best stolons (I infer that this is the correct name), this plant generates.




Photo 4 - The Genlisea after replanted in the new substrate.




Until next time and i hope you enjoy this topic  :Laie_95: .


Best regards,



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Hi everyone,


Nice topic Rodrigo! Genlisea are so amazing plants!


Dead Sphagnum can work well including with G.africana. When I was in Angola, I saw some populations of this last species growing amount living and dead sphagnum whereas other populations were growing on sandy soils. I cultivation, I noticed that dead sphagnum can be really usefull when growing conditions deal with high temperatures and high humidity all year round (in a tropical terrarium for example). However a more "classical" growing media like a mix of peat and sand also works really well in the most cases.


All the best,


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