Hello from Taiwan


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Hi guys

My name is Shane. I come from Taiwan.(A small island near China)

I am a beginner for CPs.

I would like to learn more from you.

I am recently working on a report about how to plant tuberous drosera in Taiwan.

If anyone have some good methods to plant them well please don't be hesitate to tell me.

It will be my pleasure to learn about.

By the way, my English is not very well so if I say some thing wrong please tell me.

If I say something offensive please forgive me.It is truely not I mean.

Hope we can be friend someday.




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Hello, and welcome to the forum.

There are a few forum members based in Taiwan, both locals and visitors, and a small CP growing community (as I'm sure you know).

I've had mixed success with tuberous drosera, though I haven't really tried too many ... D. menziesii (tubers), peltata (tubers and seed), tubaestylis (tubers) and auriculata (seed). The only consistent grower, which produces tubers year after year, is menziesii. My peltata did fine for a couple of years, but then died suddenly last year without producing any tubers. In my experience, tubers usually break dormancy in late October or November, though you can probably move this date backward or forward by giving more shade, varying the dampness of the soil, etc. My plants start dying off in about April.

D. peltata used to grow wild in Taiwan, but I don't know if anyone's seen it in recent years.

Best of luck!

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Hi Neil~

Okay I'll post some photos of my tuberous drosera soon.

Hi numpty~

Thank you for offering this information.

I have heard that there has D. peltata in the wild of Taiwan long time ago.

But for nknowing reason they just disappeared.

It is really a pitty.

I hope that it can be find again in the fulture.

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