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Guest Olivermurray7373

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Guest Olivermurray7373

A few weeks ago I received my new nepenthes from Nobody seems to have bought much from him before so I thought I would show you. They are all mainly nepenthes species.

I received the plants very quickly after paying. since I got them from France the postage was quite expensive a bit too expensive and also I bought 4 heat packs to go along with it so almost cost me £35!

The plants are excellent, the sizes were bigger than expected. Not much in the way of pitchers but that does not mater.

Very pleased with my order, and more ordered to come in the next few weeks from a different vendor.75d003787d4dd141dd5282f23aa4d5e4.jpg

2 nice healthy glabratas.





(Great size). (Not very many leafs but still happy)8ac398c0b2c2ce7a4090773886cbe4b7.jpg

Truncata... Talangensis ( very big healthy plant)


Rafflesiana....... Emyae


Clipeata x clipeata x emyae ...alata(huge plant )


A bulbophyllum and an angraecum

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Guest Olivermurray7373

I think it is fine, it is growing .. Very slowly, but it is fine for now, think it got a bit to dry, I don't know what is happening with the leafs, it almost looks like fertiliser burn that you get on orchids.

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