Interesting find on eBay.......

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Oh i know the trouble Blocky, i  shopped for a Nepenthes the other day and ended up with this crap cardigan...


Whats going on with the world ! :laugh1:

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Sorry Fred if the photo's on it's side again.....

i bet you find a way of viewing this without cricking your neck !


It looks OK, provided she's not supposed to be lying down.


It looks like you finally got your settings right Blocky  :thumbsup:

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Jeeze Welshy, that seriously is the nastiest Cardy I ever saw, I'd sooner be seen in the Sarra panties....

Sounds like James and Dimitar got it covered anyhow.....

I'll take no praise just yet Fred, I've changed nothing so was expecting a lop sided image and some stick !

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A friend sent me this picture a few years ago, it's a Thai group called Venus Flytrap.




Before you get to exited though guys be warned, they're all guys too  :ohmy::yes:

A band called Venus Flytrap? Bit of a typo, that should be a P not a V?


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cookie, I have just hacked your email and had a real good look through your browsing history

I have one question

just how many butt plugs does one man need?



The truth is its a slippery slope, or crevice at least but the more you use the more you need....

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