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Frosty Cephalotus


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Well... I noticed it some time ago, that cold temperatures enhance the existing colour and small frosts do that the best. Cephalotus can survive easily occasional frosts from -5 to -7°C without any harm. But I do not give my plants such frosts, usually around -2/-3°C. That6 is totally enough to make the colouration maximal in my growing conditions.


But the phenomenon you can see it not just a frost. It is a combination of fog and frost. Firstly, there was a fog, which means high air humidity and low, but positive temperatures. During the night the frost came and all the air humidity had to crystallise somewhere. It is called

white frost if I translate it correctly. Your plants won't look the same if you just give them frost. What I caught with my camera does not occur that often and simple frost.
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