Are they dead?

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Hi I have some VFT seed in a heated propagator and under a grow lamp, which is on for 12-14 hrs

The seeds started as a nice shiny black colour, but now 3 to 4 weeks later they are a brown colour but no other activity.

Have I sprayed them too much? Are they a gonner?

I am guessing that they are done for

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James, i'm no vft expert but they take about six weeks to germinate normally in my greenhouse.My kids have grown them from seed easily without heat/light in spring and i'm just north of you.

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Is it a temperature controlled propagator or simply one that applies gentle uncontrolled heat. I set my propagator at 25c under T5 lamps which are timed to be on for 16 hours a day. I always see germination within four weeks. If the seeds show any signs of fungus I don't expect them to germinate.

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Hi its just a gentle heat nothing fancy like a teperature controlled heat.


There is no mould/fungus growing, just the seeds have gone brown rather than still staying black, I am still thinking along the lines that I may have sprayed them too much and caused them to rot?

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